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HT INDIA LABS is an initiative towards training students, faculties and professionals in various upcoming and existing technologies. Improving their skills and knowledge, practical and hands on experience on implementation of tools and techniques is provided. We not only give an overview on varoius tools but we believe in educating the participants on practical applications of the same.

We understand the need of practical and industry ready knowledge and keeping this in mind we have put our step forward with different pedagogies. We are organizing various career - oriented workshops and training programs and projects at selective engineering and management colleges / universities in India. We provide a wide range of ongoing job-related education and training to keep students, faulties, employees up-to-date on the very latest in technical, job-related and management knowledge.

Our teams are made up of specialists who rank among the very best in their field on a country-wide scale. To make sure that our technical experts stay ahead of the game, they regularly take part in specialized training programs on a country-wide basis. At HT INDIA LABS, learning is continuous, flexible and democratized. We provide a rich learning environment even as we continue to pursue training innovations. We develop innovative, state-of-the-art high-tech trainings. One of the greatest challenges in our highly competitive sector is to continuously increase our employees\' expertise, and to keep them abreast of key developments in their field. We deliver training to make you employable.

Spending on Training is not a COST but an INVESTMENT

What if you don’t invest in Training:
For your students:-

Books lack the practical aspect which training gives.
 Whatever your child/student has chosen to do, be his biggest fan! He will need your encouragement to do his very best.
 Opportunity to engage with the profession to which they aspire in a realistic work environment; appreciate and understand the practical application of their academic program; work with professional mentors and to begin to build networks within their profession.
 So, even before the student graduates he or she is trained to be job-ready, thus increasing the student’s employment prospects
 A trained student can give your College, School or institution a good alumni who directly/indirectly helps to build your brand image.

What if you don’t invest in Training:
For your employees:-

 No advancement opportunities- Employees also prefer to work at organizations, which provide continuous training programs to develop their capabilities.
 Untrained Employees = Unhappy Employees. No improvisation on one’s skill-set.
 Many companies invest heavily in training at the top (leadership development, executive retreats, etc.) but less at the bottom or the middle, where it may well be more needed.
 Lost Customers-Untrained employees can cause many of the mistakes listed above, and those mistakes and inefficiencies can cause your business to lose customers.
 Lack of connect between the management & employee aspirations and expectations.
 Will help you to keep hold of your ‘star players.
 T&D can give your employees an increased and more diverse skills set, meaning they can take on additional responsibilities while supporting their own career progression.
 Highly skilled employees can help your organization deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction – boosting your reputation in the marketplace and helping to secure greater customer retention.
 Not only can training help you retain your best employees, but by being an employer that demonstrates and commitment to staff development makes your organization more attractive when it comes to recruiting top talent.
 The only way you can be better than your competitors is by your employees being better than the rest and training is a direct route to achieving this.

Training will help you in:-

 Young managers of today will become your leaders of tomorrow
 Improved morale boosts retention
 Reduction in supervision & increase in productivity
 To create positive work atmosphere
 To align management vision to employees aspirations
 To build good leaders to combat future requirements

Training is the ART OF THE START of:-

 Building a Leader in your organization
 An emerging face who has the ability & capability to outshine

Why choose HT India Labs:-

 Industry recognition and innovation
 Breadth of programs and range of audiences served
 Delivery methods offered
 Strength of clients
 India’s excellent Trainers
 Expertise in Technical as well as Non technical trainings
 Geographic reach
 Experience serving the market
 WE strongly believe in taking feedback (through different mechanisms) of the impact of training

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